21 Frederick Street Info

Living Area

Catch the afternoon breeze whilst lingering in the courtyard, refresh with drinks playing outdoor games or entertain yourself watching the big screen in the Snug. Our communal living area offers a sense of community where you can liaise with other travellers or just relax.

A little bit about 21 Frederick Street by Rob  – your host and our designer.


21 Frederick Street is a spatial and textural experience,  an experiment in search of authentic and memorable moments celebrating a local contemporary lifestyle set within a traditional Valletta Palazzino.

The spatial arrangement, materials and objects have been crafted and curated to reveal a narrative which excites and delights the senses.  This playful spirit allows it to operate beyond the confines of a normal short term accommodation to create an environment in pursuit of exclusive, informal luxury.

It is a place where the normal feels special and the everyday becomes unique.